Curriculum and Pedagogy

Curriculum decision making, learning frameworks and research, methodologies of working with children, learning environments, play-based pedagogy, social and emotional learning, language learning, bilingualism and multilingualism, children’s literature, mathematics, science literacy, social studies, physical education, sport pedagogy, motor skills learning, art and music, assessment and evaluation, reflective practice, transitions, and practices.

Programs Innovation

Model programs, best practices, EdTech, artificial intelligence, creativity, metacognition, exploring and experimenting, STEM, STEAM, coding, hybrid and remote learning and care services, preparation for emergency situations: health/pandemics disaster and conflicts, abduction/hostage crisis, natural disasters, climate impacts.

Child’s Rights, Inclusion, Well-being

Child’s rights in education, refugee crisis and education, ECCE for a sustainable future, inclusive teaching and learning, differentiated pedagogy, special educational needs, special education policy and support services, gifted education, identity development, diversity and strength, multicultural education, democracy and citizenship in ECCE, early stimulation, early socialization, caregiving education and parental supports, early detection and referral care, nutrition, health and sanitation,  health and resilience, integrated early childhood intervention services.

ECCE Workforce, Families and Communities

Pre-and in-service training, early childhood teacher/caregiver competency, professionalization, employment and deployment, working conditions and valorization, initial and continuous teacher’s education, lifelong learning, teacher’s professional learning and development, professional learning communities, families and communities in ECCE.

Leadership, Investment, Policy, and Governance

Leadership for learning, structures of educational planning and support, quality management, quality assurance, ECCE policy, reform and governance, comparative, cross-national, cross-cultural research, public expenditure, innovative financing and funding, public expenditure, ECCE multisectoral action, legal frameworks, governance structures, integration into education and learning systems, accountability, ECCE equity.